Using WP-Syntax and the visual editor

Many of the blog posts I write tend to be about web development related topics and will often include a number of code snippets. My current choice of syntax highlighter is WP-Syntax, which supports a wide range of popular languages and has the ability to also include line numbers.

The problem with using this plug-in is that the WordPress WYSIWYG Editor (TinyMCE), will remove any tags and attributes that it believes to be invalid according to it’s configuration. As two of the attributes used by this plug-in are custom attributes (escaped/line) they are removed, causing some unexpected output. Continue reading “Using WP-Syntax and the visual editor”

Today I wrote my first JavaScript tutorial

Today saw the launch of, a new design blog focussing on six main categories of front end web development, from design to additional enhancements using scripting languages such as Flash and JavaScript.

Although I have a hand in the majority of categories, JavaScript is something I have a keen interest in and was asked to write a short tutorial on a JS related subject. Continue reading “Today I wrote my first JavaScript tutorial”

SMTP server settings for outgoing email using WAMP

If you’re running WAMP and need the ability to use the PHP mail function to send outgoing e-mails, then you will need to modify the php.ini settings.

As WAMP itself does not have an SMTP server, the easiest option is to replace the SMTP address with the name of the SMTP server or IP Address with one that you can use. Continue reading “SMTP server settings for outgoing email using WAMP”