Replacing the BlackBerry Bold LCD Screen

If you have dropped a blackberry bold and managed to crack or damage the screen screen in any way, if the phone isn’t covered by insurance then the easiest solution is to buy a replacement LCD screen.

There are a number of new replacement screens available on eBay for around £30.00, you must however ensure that you buy one with the same model number. Continue reading “Replacing the BlackBerry Bold LCD Screen”

Extend WordPress search to include custom post meta

After receiving numerous requests to allow the SubHeading value in my plugin to be searched when carrying out a default search, I turned my attention to finding a method to achieve this in WordPress 2.9.x.

The plugin stores a custom post meta entry for any post or page that requires a subtitle, in order to append this field to the search query I required the use of two actions. Continue reading “Extend WordPress search to include custom post meta”