Adding custom columns to the WordPress comments admin page

Adding custom columns to the WordPress admin pages is fairly easy, however not all the filters available to you are displayed on Plugin API Filter Reference page. The following article will take you through the process of adding additional columns to the comments admin page using two undocumented filters.

If you are not a plugin author intending to use this functionality within a plugin, you should place the following code examples into your theme’s functions.php file.

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How to remove the Admin Bar in WordPress 3.1 correctly

Although the WordPress Admin Bar can be hidden by a user visiting their profile page in the Admin Panel (Users > Your Profile), there may be a situation where you want to force the removal without instructing the user to amend their settings or updating their settings automatically.

When the issue of removing the Admin Bar first cropped up, the solution was to remove the associated init action, however this is not the correct method of disabling it and should not be used. Continue reading